Is Coconut Oil Bad for New Tattoos?


Can you put coconut oil on new tattoos? If it will be still healing then you can use a light moisturizer like Johnson’s baby lotion that will be dermatological safe and it will not react with the ink. You will not use products like Vaseline as they will dry the tattoo. Once it will be healed completely then you will use the oil once a week.

Tattoo aftercare will not be hard if you follow a couple of basic rules.

Keep the skin moisturized. If the skin gets too dry then it will start to peel and you will lose parts of your tattoo. It will be perfect to use the oil for a new tattoo.

You have to keep your tattoo clean and a fresh tattoo will be basically one large abrasion. Your uppermost layer of skin will be worn out and have few defenses against the infection and there will be any sort of filth. You will be wanted to wash it a couple times a day with any sort of soap.

You should not damage your skin and tattoos will not that deep under the skin. Until the grown, a new layer of skin to seal them and they will be easily ruined by scratches, bath or a sunburn. You have to keep your skin safe and you will easily ruin tattoos by getting a bad sunburn.


Tattoo healing

The proper tattoo aftercare will be one of the important parts of ensuring your new tattoo will be the best. You can try out with different ointments and moisturizers for expediting the healing process. The oil will be potential moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties. By scabbing the oil, your skin will stay moisturized for longer than any other product, it will entirely eliminate the dreaded itch that will be associated with healing tattoos. Coconut oil will be the best for your tattoo aftercare needs.

  • Whip the oil by any means until you will have a consistency.
  • Apply three times a day and allow for oil to be absorbed into the skin.
  • You can dab away any excess oil

Why is it the perfect tattoo aftercare product?

Its aids in this process will be the same manner as other aftercare products. Here is the reason why coconut oil makes the perfect aftercare product.

1. Moist skin

It will be the fat extracted from the flesh of coconuts. The fatty acids will found in it and it will retain the moisture.

2. Protection

Fatty acids within coconut will act as a natural disinfectant and protect your tattoo from infection. It will help you to prevent bacteria by causing a skin infection.

3. Skin rejuvenation

Coconut oil will assist in rejuvenating the skin after the tattooing. This will repair the damaged cells at a normal and healthy rate throughout the healing process.

After moisturizing with the oil, the tattoo colors will look more vibrant and the smell will be great. If you want more tips for taking care of your new tattoos, read the articles shared on TattooParadise.

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